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At Fishman & Sheridan eyeCare Specialists, in Lake County, FL, we strive to make patients feel at home from the moment they arrive. Our board-certified eye doctors, affiliated with the American Academy of Ophthalmology, provide superior patient-focused care. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Craig D. Fishman and Dr. Jeffrey A. Sheridan provide comprehensive eye care. Dr. Luis J. Pluas, our resident Optometrist, can assist you with all your vision care needs. All three of our physicians practice at all three of our convenient Lake County, FL, locations in LeesburgEustis, and Clermont

At our Florida eye clinics, you can feel confident that your ophthalmologist or optometrist will listen to your unique goals and recommend the best treatment for your health and lifestyle. We provide a variety of general and specialized ophthalmology treatments to address conditions such as detached retinasglaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy. Our optical department's extensive selection of contact lenses and designer eyeglass frames can meet your vision care needs and your aesthetic preferences.

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Our Mission

We strive to always provide superior, personalized, and patient-focused care, tailored to your unique needs and goals. Your vision and health are our top priorities, which is why we employ the most advanced techniques and technology to help you achieve and maintain optimal vision.

Ophthalmologist, Optometrist, or Optician?

Ophthalmologists, optometrists, and opticians are all eye care professionals, but what is the difference between the three?



An ophthalmologist is a doctor who specializes in vision and eye care. Both Dr. Craig D. Fishman and Dr. Jeffrey A. Sheridan are ophthalmologists who can diagnose eye diseases and conditions, perform eye surgery, and prescribe medication. Ophthalmologists have far more training than optometrists and opticians.



An optometrist can help you manage certain conditions with conservative treatment methods, such as eye glasses and contact lenses. An optometrist can diagnose eye diseases and conditions, but may not be able to treat what they discover during an eye exam. If you are experiencing an eye problem that requires advanced medical care, an optometrist will likely refer you to an ophthalmologist to develop an effective treatment plan.



An optician is a technician trained to design, verify, and fit eye glasses, contact lenses, and other eyesight corrective devices. Utilizing prescriptions supplied by ophthalmologists or optometrists, an optician does not conduct eye exams or write visual correction prescriptions. An optician cannot diagnose or treat eye disease.

At Fishman & Sheridan eyeCare Specialists our eye doctors specialize in cataract surgery, but our team also strives to provide a full range of procedures to Leesburg, and the central Florida area, with state-of-the-art ophthalmology. Our practices include every service you would find at an optometrist or optician, with the benefit of the additional knowledge and skill of a doctor of ophthalmology.

Cataract Surgery Specialists


One in six Americans over the age of 40 has cataracts.

Dr. Fishman and Dr. Sheridan are Board Certified Ophthalmologist.  They preform Cataract Surgery at a local Ambulatory Surgery Centers. Both doctors study the latest in IOL (intraocular lens) technology so they can provide it to their patients.

In the case of cataracts, by replacing cloudy lenses with intraocular lenses, our surgical and clinical team can help to restore crisp, clear sight, improving our patients vision and quality of life. Our patients can feel confident in our trusted cataract surgeons, knowing their vision is in the hands of talented and seasoned professional ophthalmologists.

Providing Outstanding Results
through Cataract Surgery

Our ophthalmology practice uses the latest technology to make certain that every cataract eye surgery we perform is safe and effective. We use small, self-sealing incisions to access the clouded crystalline lens, which is emulsified using sophisticated ultrasonic tools prior to removal. Finally, the crystalline lens is replaced with a state-of-the-art intraocular lens to restore your ability to focus.

Cataract surgery can treat this common eye disease with an impressive 98 percent rate of success. Patients in the Lake County, FL, area can expect to enjoy safer driving, a better quality of life, and greater independence after recovering from treatment. Other benefits include an improvement in recreational activity performances and less difficulty reading.

Fishman & Sheridan eyeCare Specialists

The Fishman & Sheridan eyeCare Specialists have a Selecta Duet Laser  in Leesburg, FL, which allows Dr. Fishman and Dr. Sheridan to provide patients solutions for a variety of eye care issues. These lasers are conveniently performed in our Leesburg office.

Macular Degeneration

Patients with age-related macular degeneration (AMD) benefit greatly from early intervention, as currently, there is no cure for the disease. Both wet and dry AMD effect the retina, and have an impact on the vision and lifestyles of those afflicted. Fishman & Sheridan eyeCare Specialists have slowed the progression of AMD for countless patients in the central Florida area. We can treat the progression of macular degeneration and its impact on your retina and eyesight, so do not hesitate to contact us to review your treatment options today.

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