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Cataract Surgery Recovery Leesburg, Eustis, Clermont

Cataract surgery once called for days of hospital stay. Thanks to the significant progress in treatment, however, you can now spend the first night of recovery in the comfort of your own home. Moreover, cataract surgery patients can get back to their day-to-day life much sooner, enjoy a faster healing time, and experience less discomfort, all after a quick, safe procedure!

The Fishman & Sheridan eyeCare Specialists staff will outline every step of your personalized treatment plan, including cataract surgery recovery. Whether you visit us in Leesburg, Eustis, or Clermontour friendly, experienced surgeons will work to put you at ease by answering whatever questions you have honestly and clearly.

Cataract Surgery Recovery

While it takes up to six weeks to complete the entire cataract surgery recovery process, most of our Leesburg, Eustis, and Clermont patients find they can resume their normal activities within just a few days of surgery. Your doctor will let you know how to prepare and what to expect in advance.

At first, side effects such as blurred vision or foreign body sensation should be expected. Your eye surgeon may recommend pain relievers to alleviate any discomfort or irritation of the eyes, which is normal in the first few days of recovery. If you feel a heightened sensitivity to light, which is also common, your doctor may prescribe wearing dark sunglasses. You may additionally need to take pills or use special eye drops to regulate the pressure inside the eye.

During recovery, our doctors stress the importance of your follow-up visits. These checkups will ensure that your cataract surgery recovery is progressing smoothly at our state-of-the-art LeesburgEustis, and Clermont locations.

Cataract Surgery Results

Your vision should begin to show improvement within a few days of the procedure. As your surgeon will tell you, successful cataract surgery leads to much clearer sight. For most cataract surgery patients, their positive outcomes make any risks associated with cataract surgery well worthwhile.

Patients with cataracts in both eyes may have to undergo two separate surgeries. Even so, cataract surgery recovery and results are generally the same for each eye.

Contact Us to Learn More about Cataract Surgery Recovery

If you would like to learn more about cataract surgery recovery, the Fishman & Sheridan eyeCare Specialists team in Leesburg, Eustis, and Clermont would be pleased to help you. Contact our helpful staff in Lake County, Florida today!

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