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Glaucoma Causes

Glaucoma is caused by progressive optic nerve damage, usually due to intraocular pressure. The optic nerve is responsible for transmitting the images captured by the eye to the brain for interpretation. Without treatment, glaucoma often leads to asymptomatic loss of peripheral vision or blindness.

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Glaucoma Prevention

Scheduling regular checkups with your ophthalmologist can help to protect you from permanent nerve damage and vision loss. People who are over the age of 60, diabetic, of African descent, or who have a family history of glaucoma are particularly encouraged to schedule routine glaucoma screenings.

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Types of Glaucoma

The main types of glaucoma are primary open-angle glaucoma and closed-angle glaucoma, which are characterized by increased pressure within the eye. Secondary glaucoma occurs when another disease, such as diabetes, contributes to high eye pressure.

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Glaucoma Diagnosis

Due to the sudden onset of symptoms, closed-angle glaucoma is typically easy to diagnose. However, open-angle glaucoma can be more difficult to detect. At our practice, we can perform a series of tests to identify glaucoma, including drainage angle, visual field, and intraocular pressure tests.

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Glaucoma Treatment

Although there is no cure for glaucoma, symptoms and vision loss can be managed with early detection and treatment. We are proud to offer a range of non-surgical options, including eye drops and laser therapy, as well as advanced surgeries to treat glaucoma and preserve eyesight. 

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Glaucoma Treatment Cost

The cost of treatment will depend upon the stage and type of glaucoma you have. Your doctor may first recommend more affordable, non-surgical solutions, such as eye drops, to decrease pressure within your eye. If these are ineffective, you may need more extensive laser therapy or surgery.

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