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Wet  age-related macular degeneration (wet AMD) is a chronic eye disease that typically affects individuals over 50 years of age, causing blurry vision and, in some cases, vision loss. As this condition progresses rapidly, it is vital to detect early signs and symptoms so as to receive timely treatment. Patients in Leesburg, FL, can take control of their vision and eye health by using the ForeseeHome™ device, designed to identify subtle changes to vision that may not be immediately perceptible. This at-home system enables you to regularly monitor your risk for developing wet AMD, and it automatically sends the results of your tests to your doctor. Dr. Jeffrey A. Sheridan and Dr. Craig D. Fishman offer this advanced technology to help their patients maintain their vision and health.

Early Detection Can Save Your Vision

Wet age-related macular degeneration progresses very rapidly and can lead to complete vision loss. As such, early detection is paramount to protecting your vision. The ForeseeHome macular degeneration detection device is the first FDA approved system that is designed to detect signs of wet AMD in its earliest stages, and is used by patients in their own home.

This system can detect metamorphopsia, or visual distortion, before you notice any changes in your field of vision. For efficiency and effectiveness, the results of your at-home monitoring tests are automatically sent to the Notal Vision Monitoring Center and to your doctor, allowing for constant communication, even between appointments. 

Drs. Jeffrey Sheridan and Craig Fishman strive to help all of their patients enjoy good vision for as long as possible, and the ForeseeHome system enables them to do so with improved accuracy and effectiveness.

The At-Home Monitoring Test

Each time you take the ForeseeHome vision test, you will see a series of dotted lines, or targets, that flash and disappear. Your objective is to determine the location of any distorted sections of the dotted line, whether that be a small bump or wave. You can then use your computer mouse to click on the distortion. The entire test takes about six minutes, or three minutes per eye.

When the test is complete, your results are automatically sent to the Notal Vision Monitoring Center. Whenever they identify changes to your vision, your doctor is alerted and a comprehensive eye exam scheduled. With this advanced technology, you can look forward to maintaining your vision and your ability to drive, read, and perform daily tasks.

ForeseeHome vs. Amsler Grid

Before the ForeseeHome device was available, patients relied on the Amsler Grid to determine their risk for wet AMD. Unfortunately, the Amsler Grid could only detect changes in vision after vision loss had already occurred. The ForeseeHome system provides patients hope that they can still preserve their vision through early detection, before sight is adversely affected.

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Drs. Jeffrey Sheridan and Craig Fishman strive to help all of their patients enjoy good vision for as long as possible, and the ForeseeHome system enables them to do so with improved accuracy and effectiveness. Contact our office online or call us at (352) 360-2301 to schedule a consultation and learn if the ForeseeHome device can help you preserve your sight.

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